Solve Apex Sudoku and win Prizes.

  • »   First 15 days, you will be in training period, where every day you can solve any number of puzzle to get solving skills.
  • »   After 15 days, you can solve one to three puzzles day as per the package and earn marks.
  • »   Every day, you accumulate marks and these marks will be paid in cash at the end of every month.
  • »   Every month, the user must pay Rs 100 as puzzle Subscription.
  • »   Mark value will be declared every month based on puzzle fund accumulated out of subscriptions.
  • »   The maximum cash payment shall be Rs 1000 to Rs 2000 per month as per your puzzle package.
  • »   A minimum of Rs 500 must be accumulated for getting the prize money released. Any amount less than Rs 500 will be carry forward for the next month.
  • »   No user is permitted to use Sudoku solver for solving Apex Sudoku. If any user solves using unfair practice of using Sudoku solver, then the user points will not be counted and the user Id will be blocked permanently.

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